Qualität in jedem Detail

The secret behind a top meat product has remained the same throughout the ages: strict conformity to the protected recipe, traditional butcher’s skills and the use of only the best, high-quality ingredients. There is no other way to create a real Nuremberg quality product. Which is why our Nuremberg Rostbratwurst are proud to bear their regional certification as a quality seal on every packet.

Even this is not enough, however: HoWe applies this scrutiny to each and every detail of its production processes from the moment the ingredients arrive to the final check before the products are dispatched. HoWe’s products make it part of a tradition going back 700 years, and the company is deeply committed to these traditional values. Only high-quality ingredients and continuous quality assurance during production can satisfy a premium product’s criteria. This is clearly visible and is reflected in the taste. The company is a leading representative of Nuremberg’s traditional producers.

HoWe has developed its own quality management system, and it has the ingredients regularly checked by independent institutes and experts. This prevents any quality deviations and guarantees the consumer consistently high standards.

The German consumer associations Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest are among the bodies that repeatedly attest to the excellent quality of HoWe.
And HoWe products are awarded the German Agricultural Society (DLG) seal every year. All of this needs to continue into the future, so the company is continually investing in research and development, focussing on what it does best: the production of excellent Nuremberg Rostbratwurst and a selection of sausage varieties to offer consumers a great choice.

Incoming goods inspection

For the production of our quality goods, we use only high-quality products from a fixed group of select suppliers.
Led by our trained department heads and master butchers, the incoming goods department checks all the ingredients for freshness, odour, correct packaging and quantity before allowing it to enter the production process. A consistent quality check of the incoming goods is an essential part of the quality assurance for our production processes.

Processing and production

Only high quality meat and the finest ingredients are allowed to continue on to the production process. With state-of-the-art conveyance, processing and other technology, our master butchers can guarantee hygienic processing at every stage of the production. Precision is ensured by means of regular training for staff members at all levels in occupational health and safety, hygiene and production processes.

Outgoing goods inspection

Technology and the human touch work hand in hand at HoWe right up to the outgoing goods inspection. Finished, packaged quality products are checked individually before being packed into the appropriate boxes for their target markets. This is where HoWe products begin their onward journey – to the discount supermarkets, the food retailers or exponents of fine cuisine in Germany and throughout the world.

Protective association

Nuremberg Quality Sign

To enpower the brand of ‘Nürnberger Rostbratwurst’ the members of the protective association founded a general initiative…

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