The production facilities 
– tradition meets innovation.

Every day, some four million products leave the HoWe production plant in Nuremberg, either in their characteristic vacuum pack for the retailers or as bulk orders for fine restaurants or catering establishments. Barbecues and frying pans around the world are just waiting to be allowed to cook the Nuremberg sausages and prepare a taste sensation for their consumers.

The company’s Nuremberg production plant is a fine example of facilities designed to produce a small range of products of the highest quality. The products are the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst, the light variety with 30% less fat and an attractive selection of grill sausage varieties.

The top-class HoWe products are the result of traditional handicraft and butcher expertise with a strict adherence to the prescribed recipes. Implementing this tradition, however, requires attention to detail and many years of production experience, if the products are to have their classic taste with that characteristic HoWe flavour.

HoWe Wurstwaren KG has been a driving force in the development of production innovations ever since it was founded in 1985, whether this concerns the processing technology or the development of products with a range of tastes. Production of perfect sausages on this scale would not be possible without the use of the latest technology. It enables the company to guarantee the highest quality standards and live up to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the markets.

One particular part of this is the regular checks performed on the freshly produced goods. The company’s own experts are joined by inspectors from certified testing institutes to ensure that the products are always impeccable. Strict hygiene standards are also enforced, of course. And quality is also guaranteed by maintaining the company’s expertise with ongoing staff training.

Typical Rostbratwurst

Only use of fresh pork meat

  • No use of meat mixtures (traditionally use of pork shoulder, ham, pig´s cheek and pork belly)
  • Middle rough grain, no Brätanteil, special twist-cutting process for meat is neccessary
  • Typical flavor of Majoram
  • Use of sheep bowel

Final production


Control of goods out

HoWe tastes delicious –

and has got a distinguished flavour

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The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst

A piece of cultural history –
with tasteful tradition.

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