Der Tradition verpflichtet – von Nürnberg bis in die ganze Welt.

Florian Hoeneß

conducts the business of HoWe Wurstwaren KG since
2 July 2001

With a total production up to four million pieces per day, the Nuremberg company HoWe Wurstwaren KG is one of the leading producers in the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst sector.

In a production area of 8,000 square metres and state-of-the-art production conditions, the company’s 300 staff produce the very best items for the German discount supermarkets, food retailers, food-processing companies and exponents of fine cuisine. In particular, the expansion of the German discount supermarket sector into other European countries has led to an increase in sales. German quality continues to be very popular throughout Europe.

By specialising in a limited product range of very high quality, the company has succeeded in growing from a simple producer, as when it was founded in 1985, into an internationally recognised name today.

The demand for HoWe quality products is constant and continues to grow. A carefully selected product range begins with the classics (original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst and the light variety with 30% less fat) and includes attractive, innovative grill sausage varieties which meet a growing demand for a wider choice of sausages that still fulfil authentic quality requirements.

Providing ongoing training to ensure a well-trained workforce helps the company to secure the best conditions for its healthy and continuous economic development.

These consistent labour policies give the company the strength it needs to react quickly and flexibly to market demands. The company’s experience, expertise and high production-process standards all ensure that it can take the traditional recipes and art of sausage-making and apply these in a modern way to produce consistently high-value products, whose taste and quality have been recognised as leading by consumers and trade alike.

Corporate history

  • 1985 Foundation of corporation W. Weiß GmbH by Werner Weiß and Uli Hoeneß; first production with 20 employees in street Am Hahnenbalz
  • 1988 Renaming to HoWe Wurstwaren GmbH
  • 1990 Move to Regenstraße at Nuermberg port
  • 1995 Market entry Europe
  • 1997 Extension of employees offices
  • 2000 Extension of packaging areas and computer based coldstores;
    Renaming to HoWe Wurstwaren KG
  • 2003 Nuermberg Rostbratwurst turns into a EU geographical indication (total 600 in Europe)
  • 2005 Investment in first ‘Pasteur’ to ensure longer process runnings without losing quality or taste values
  • 2006 Second ‘Pasteur’ process was installed
  • 2010 Start of building operations to extent capacity and management structures;
    Stiftung Warentest, distinction “good”
  • 2011 Finish of building operations to 8,000 square metres
  • 2014 Stiftung Warentest, distinction “good”
  • 2015 DLG distinction longtime product quality
  • 2015 First deliveries of HoWe´s branded products to the USA
  • 2015 Market launch organic Nürnberger Rostbratwurst
  • 2016 Modernization of the packaging department – investment in 3 packaging machines
  • 2017 DLG distinction longtime product quality
  • 2017 Top brand – award of the food newspaper


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HoWe tastes delicious –

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The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst

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