I like it 
– and it’s good for so many reasons.

Eating has to be fun – and to be fun it has to taste good. Anyone who enjoys cooking knows how closely related good taste is to good feelings. And good spirits.

A genuine Nuremberg Rostbratwurst has an unmistakable taste. You do not need to be a convinced bratwurst expert to taste the difference. It is the combination of premium-quality meat, fresh marjoram from Thuringia and fine herbs that underscore the traditional recipes used for HoWe quality products, lending them their original, authentic and natural character.

A crisp casing with just the right amount of firmness when you bite into it, and a superlative interior – all this is typical of a traditional Nuremberg product. The savoury flavour is released as it melts on your tongue in a unique taste experience of culinary perfection.

Nuremberg cooks who honour the local bratwurst tradition prepare their sausage specialities on a charcoal- or beechwood-fired barbecue. This lends a very special extra note to the taste of the bratwurst. But frying the sausages in a pan or cooking them with on a gas barbecue will also bring out their full flavour. It only takes a few minutes until the original Nurembergers can be savoured in their nicely browned and crispy skins.

The unique HoWe touch

It is HoWe’s very own high-quality touch during production that lends our Nuremberg bratwurst and further selected varieties an unmistakeable and full-bodied taste. 
Humans are creatures of pleasure – an insight that has been part of the HoWe philosophy ever since the beginning.

Nuremberg bratwurst have become a well-known international export product due to their unusual size and delicious savoury taste, leading to high expectations concerning the perceived value of our products. Meeting these expectations can only be guaranteed by quality in the purchase of the ingredients, the skills and experience of our butchers, a continuous process of perfection and ensuring optimum production processes. HoWe Wurstwaren KG has committed itself to meeting these expectations right from the beginning.

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